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ssssnakes part 2


These new sew-on snake patches were based off my imagination and there is currently only 1 of each available and they're 100% hand stitched by my two hands. each patch has the same basic form but all the patterns and colours were freehand stitched without using a pattern so each is unique. New technique that allows the patches to lay flat.
This is a pretty sturdy patch, made using the french knot stitch, this is a very time consuming and at times difficult stitch but the payoff is great, the feel and
texture is everything. feel free to frame it as a one of a kind art piece or It would
look great on a jacket or bag...something not often laundered..for
longevity purposes.

* all the mouths and some parts are stitched using neon pink/orange and are much brighter irl*

hard to measure these little guys but...:
h: approx. 1.5 cm thick including border, head is approx. 2cm including border
w: approx 11 cm long from tail to mouth including border
m: felt, cotton and synthetic embroidery floss, adhesive, love,tears, positive energy

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